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PostSubject: RULES OF THE FEVER (PLEASE READ!)   Wed May 06, 2015 2:52 am

Disco Rules!

it can be tempting to be 'the cool guy' who critiques the hardest and is a real hardass about it, but let's see if we can be the one art forum on the entire internet that doesn't do that. critique and other users shouldn't be a scary thing. we are here to grow and help others grow, not fall into some crazy willy wonka ego tunnel.

be constructive; in critiquing a piece, consider the style and intent of the artist as well as the technical aspect. critique doesn't JUST mean "things I don't like", but every post should include some kind of thought deeper than "cool job you rule"!

on the flip side of that, be cool about accepting critique! everyone here is only out for your best interests and seeing you expand as an artist. people on the forum will like what you do and want to see you keep doing it.

as far as uploading goes, let's try keeping our images smaller than 1000px wide just to avoid insanity scrolling
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